Mazda is among the world-leading car brands that have invested in exciting, state-of-the-art technology. From celebrated driving technology to SKYACTIV technology, Mazda cars are both interesting to drive and highly reliable. Our Walker’s Renton auto specialists know the ins and outs of your Mazda vehicle. Here’s our guide to the Mazda Active Driving Display.

Mazda Active Driving Display

Mazda’s Active Driving Display offers drivers a proper view of what is going on around the car without distracting them from driving. The automotive manufacturer has deeply invested in keeping their vehicles safe by employing human-centric design thinking. This approach has resulted in vehicles that offer increased comfort alongside improved safety features.

The Active Driving Display is located on the dashboard next to the driver so that they can see the necessary information while still driving. The Active Driving Display is an excellent HUD unit with clarity.

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How the Active Driving Display works

The technology alerts you to avoid making obvious mistakes that are very common with motorists on the road. For example, it will alert you when you want to enter a one way road from the wrong side by displaying a Do Not Enter sign.

You can watch your speed and other stats from the display related to your driving, like the speed limit, ensuring you stay safe at all times. It will also warn the driver to brake or announce a change of lanes.

By incorporating safety technology like traffic sign recognition, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring, the manufacturer made this brand of cars excellent for family use. Overall, you have better control of the vehicle as the active drive also displays turn by turn directions when using a navigation system.

Mazda is all about keeping the driver in control, and these functions mean that the vehicle will only warn you of a potential hazard. The vehicle will never take control and move the wheel without you doing so. Our technology enhances the driving experience, never taking over the drive and allowing the driver to feel in control. 

What to expect with the Active Driving Display 

On Mazda 6, Mazda 3, CX-3

When you turn on the vehicle, the Active Driving Display juts out of the dashboard and stands up. The small screen display is in the line of vision of the driver where they can see any of the information necessary.

The driver can adjust the settings on the screen depending on their height. They can also set the brightness of the screen and/or connect with other technology in the car. When one wants to adjust the setting they have to use the display system of the car’s infotainment system.

The settings include the following options:

  • Brightness control

  • Height

  • Calibration

  • Navigation 

  • Active driving display

  • Reset

On the CX-9 

When the engine comes on, the display of the Active Drive shows on the windshield of the car. This is the major difference in the display between this model and the other Mazda models. The passenger still can’t see the display from their seat, but the display appears closer to the road in closer line of sight to the driver.

The display also has similar settings and controls to help with the navigation and view of the car’s surroundings. However, the settings on the CX-9 allow the driver to customize their drive further by providing more detail on the information displayed. 

For example, one can choose to have the street information always on or off.  It also displays information from the tachometer so that the driver can see their speed and destination among other things.

 The settings on the CX-9 include 

  • Height 

  • Brightness control

  • Brightness

  • Rotation

  • Display information 

The active display is compatible with all of Mazda’s other innovations like the ‘infotainment’ system. 

Comparison to the BMW safety technology

2019 Mazda CX-3

Most BMWs, including the 2, 3, 4, series  X1, X6, X3 and Z4, have the BMW technology package which includes the Heads-Up Display. This display projects information using high contrast images onto the windshield.

Like the Active Driving Display, the Heads-Up display is placed directly in front of the driver’s line of sight so they can benefit from the information. However, the main difference is that the BMW display can be controlled from IOS and Android. This allows drivers to control the settings and information displayed even before they begin to drive. One can control the brightness, height and other controls. In addition, the driver can see and control

  • Actual driving speed

  • Speed limits

  • Warning messages

  • Overtaking limitations and restrictions

  • Navigational directions

  • Lane guidance

  • Entertainment

  • Communication

Both the Mazda and BMW brand offer the Active driving and Heads-Up displays for their respective cars. However, if a driver is unable to invest in such displays, they can use the car dash mount for mobile phones - a neat phone dashboard that holds the phone in place while it displays navigational information or any other important driving information.

Like the displays, the driver can place the dash mount in their line of vision and it can hold two phones simultaneously. 

Both displays are excellent, offering driver’s crucial information without interfering with their driving or distracting them. The Mazda Active Driving Display, however, comes in two versions: the plastic screen or the windshield projection. BMW on the other hand only offers the windshield projection option.

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Did you know that 70% of the vehicles on the racetracks are created and developed by Mazda? This is where they test their innovative technology before transferring it to consumers - technology like the Active Driving Display.

By introducing trailblazing innovations like these to regular cars, they offer ordinary people an avant-garde driving experience that the Mazda brand is famous for. Visit Walker’s Renton Mazda to find out about which vehicles offer the Active Driving Display.

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