Mazda6 Touring Sedan

The Mazda brand has been around for over a century. Mazda manufacturers have built a reputation of reliability and safety for their vehicles. 

There’s quite a story behind the iconic name Mazda. The first vehicle to be called Mazda was a tricycle truck known as the Mazda-go. It was rather plain and not at all what one would envision when they think of a Mazda. But, it was manufactured by the same parent company of the automobile, Toyo Kogyo.

Interestingly, the name Mazda sounds close in pronunciation to the name of one of the founding members of Toyo Kogyo, Matusda. But the name Mazda came from the god of harmony, wisdom and intelligence, Ahura Mazda from an ancient Asian civilization. 

In honor of Matsuda, the company named the automobile Mazda and also found the name apt because it brought harmony to Eastern and Western cultures. The capital D in the Mazda name is a symbol of reliability and precision.

And just like the names evolved, so did the symbol of the company. One of the latest innovations at the Mazda brand is the Mazda6. Read on to find out more about the Mazda 6 and if it’s the right vehicle for you. If it is, check out our Mazda 6 inventory at Walker’s Renton Mazda.

The Mazda 6

Mazda6 Grand Touring Reserve Sedan

This midsize sedan is a family car in the same class as the Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat and it certainly has a similar look and features. The Mazda6 works like a dream thanks to the signature turbo power. The Mazda6 is a fun, fast drive, produced by the Mazda manufacturers since 2002 with incremental improvements that have resulted in the version available today.

How we rated the Mazda6


This car has been tested by industry experts. These automobile experts found that the vehicle offers protection to the critical areas of the body in the full-width rigid barrier test for the passenger and the driver. The rear passenger was also adequately protected. Tests were also carried out on the headrests, front seats and rear seats. The testers concluded that the 2019 Mazda6 offered excellent whiplash injury during a collision.

But the best safety scores went to the vehicle’s standard AEB (autonomous emergency breaking) system for excellent functionality especially in low speeds like city driving. This technology can alert the driver of an imminent crash, reduce the impact speed of a crash, and apply the brakes independently in out of control situations.

The Mazda6 was also tested for safety for children between 6 and 10 years, and the results show that it protects the critical parts of the child’s body in frontal and side impacts. The car has sensors in the bumper to detect when a pedestrian is down and the AEB reaction was excellent with regard to pedestrians.

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Mazda6 Touring Sedan

The first thing you'll notice is the discrete idle of the engine. The engine is a refined diesel 2.5-liter SKYACTIV-G four cylinder. To complement the high performance engine, Mazda manufacturers have fitted the vehicle with a six speed manual gearbox  that allows drivers to task this car and move it swiftly.

The 2019 Mazda6 is an all-wheel drive, meaning that all the four wheels have exceptional traction and handle very well. This makes driving the car on difficult terrain challenging. The AWD aspect of the Mazda6 touring sedan also ensures great weight distribution. The Mazda6 is an excellent car when looking for a vehicle with off-road capabilities.


The Mazda6 interior has been fitted with ultra-suede trim. The Mazda6 interior suede has a soft and smooth texture mirroring the feel of a kimono, but it is also fortified with polymers to make it durable and accommodating for passengers during seasonal changes.

It also features lightly treated Nappa leather for a touch of class and decadence and infusion of Japanese Sen wood to elegantly complement all the other materials. The overall feel is comfort and elegance once you step into the car.


The Mazda6 has innovative and functional design features like the lane keeping assist, the ventilated and heated front seats, the 360 degree view monitor, and the full speed radar cruise control.  

The ventilated and heated seat option help make the drive comfortable while the 360 degree view monitors gives drivers real time information about their surroundings. And when a driver is stuck in stressful driving situations that require a lot of start and stop, the radar cruise control kicks in. 

Also, the radar technology helps drivers maintain a safe driving distance from the car ahead.

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The combination of 4WD (four wheel drive) and AWD (all wheel drive) takes the consumption much higher. This is because an AWD or 4WD increase the weight of the car so it has to consume more to carry that extra weight efficiently. 

Should I buy the Mazda6?

Mazda6 Touring Sedan 

The combination of features and horsepower make it a very reliable and safe vehicle for adults and children. It’s the perfect fit for families that like taking trips and adventures but it can also work just perfectly as a daily commuter car.

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