At Walker’s Renton Mazda, sales professionals can help you find the most affordable, high-quality Mazda that suits your needs. But why Mazda? Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans purchase Mazda vehicles. In fact, an impressive 300,325 Mazdas made their way to new homes in 2018.


Mazdas may not have the largest market share when it comes to popular vehicle brands like Toyota and Honda. But where the Mazda lacks in sales, it makes up for in brand loyalty and reliability. The Mazda market might be relatively small, but the Mazda is still a high-quality car with a great price.


If you’ve been considering investing in a Mazda, keep reading. Everything you need to know about Mazdas is explained below, along with a more detailed explanation of Mazda's features and reliability. If you have more questions, you can always come into our dealership to consult with our seasoned sales professionals.

Who Makes Mazdas?


The Mazda Motor Corporation originally opened its doors in 1920. 


At the time, the Hiroshima-based company exclusively made three-wheeled motorcycles that were known as auto rickshaws. They’ve come a long way in both durability and style. They started manufacturing four-wheeled automobiles in the 1930s, and the rest is history.


Today, the Mazda Motor Corporation is a wholly-owned Japanese company. For a brief period, though, Ford Motors owned one-third of the company. They’ve since sold their shares, and the company is now owned by various Japanese shareholders.  


Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer still headquartered in Hiroshima today, and it’s run by President and CEO Akira Marumoto. 

Are Mazdas Reliable?


The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. Mazdas are some of the most reliable cars on the market. How reliable are we talking, though?


Mazda vehicles regularly rank among the top in terms of reliability. For example, in the Telegraph’s reliability poll, Mazdas came in 11th place. 

What Makes Mazdas Reliable?



There are a lot of factors that contribute to Mazda’s reputation of durability and reliability. The following are some of the main factors that make the dependability ranking of Mazdas high compared to other vehicle brands.

Factors that Make Mazdas Reliable Cars

Cost of Repairs



The less money it costs to repair a vehicle, the higher its reliability score will be. Not only are they durable, but Mazda parts are common and inexpensive. As a result, they are easy for mechanics to find and Mazdas are thus less expensive to repair. The Mazda’s durability and the commonality of its parts make this brand great for your budget both in the long term and the short term.


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Less Time Off the Road



Because it’s easy for mechanics to find parts to repair Mazdas, these cars don’t have to be off the road and in the shop for as long. The less time people have to spend without their cars while they’re being fixed, the more dependable they’re likely to consider those cars to be.

Safety Tests



Of course, we can’t forget the performance Mazdas bring to safety tests. When it comes to crash tests, Mazdas are so dependable that they regularly outperform many of their competitors. This is especially true of the newer Mazda models, which feature all kinds of high-tech safety components to help drivers feel more secure when they’re behind the wheel.

Do Mazda Cars Last Long?


Mazdas are known for having long lifespans, too. Many people are able to drive their Mazdas for years without a single problem, and it’s not hard to find a Mazda that will drive for over 250,000 miles with ease. As mentioned before, they are easy to fix—another quality leading to their durability. 


As long as your Mazda is properly maintained, you can trust in its durability and long life span. This is why at Walker’s Renton Mazda, our used cars are just as dependable as the cars found in the new vehicle showroom. In the rare scenario that your car breaks down unexpectedly, we offer limited warranty for repairs and car components.


What Is So Special About The Mazda Engine?



The Mazda engine was created with an impressive exterior and a luxurious interior. For example, the Mazda3 contains a 2.0 L four-cylinder engine, which is equivalent to 155 horsepower. If needed, you can upgrade this to a 2.5 L and four-cylinder engine, with 200 hp.


In addition, the Mazda vehicle is incredibly fuel-efficient, with some models getting 28-30 miles per gallon in the city and 37 MPG on the highway. With that in mind, you can feel great about owning a vehicle that is both environmentally friendly and highly affordable. 


Because of its superior engine function, it is no wonder why Mazda is rated as one of the most reliable vehicles for its customers.


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Most Popular Mazda Vehicles


There are several different Mazda vehicles on the market that might interest you. If you’re looking for the most reliable Mazda, your best option will likely be one of the following three:


These three Mazdas perform the best in safety and reliability tests. Consumers also tend to have the fewest complaints about these options. 


This doesn’t mean that other Mazda makes are unreliable. Any Mazda would make an excellent choice for a driver who prioritizes safety and reliability. If you’re looking for the most reliable option, though, one of the three listed above is likely going to be the best fit.


Mazdas Versus Other Cars


 The Mazda CX-5  is one of the most popular luxury cars out there on the road. The brand has expanded its lineup and seems to be improving in other factors. 


According to Consumer Reports, Mazda is ranked third when it comes to reliability. There is no doubt that Mazdas are reliable vehicles, but how do they compare with other cars? Let’s take a look at some competitors to see how Mazda vehicles compare using the Reliability Index

Mazda Vs. Audi:


When it comes to the Reliability Index, A=a lower score is a significant indication of reliability. Audi recently scored a rating of 195, which ranks them #34 out of the available car manufacturers. Mazda got a score of 65, which puts them at #5 on the same list. According to these figures, Mazda outperforms Audi. Most problems with Mazda stem from the suspension system or the fuel tank. Audi had a vast array of issues to consider before buying their vehicles.

Mazda Vs BMW:

Another popular comparison will be Mazda vs. BMW. BMW received a score of 177 from the Reliability Index, which placed them at #31 among car brands on the list. That is far away from the #5 ranking received by Mazda. We can see that the Japanese manufacturer of Mazda does better in terms of reliability on the road. The modern safety features are a big draw for current customers. Drivers want to feel safe with a new Mazda vehicle that has been rated very well.

Mazda Vs. VW:


Volkswagen received a score of 136 from the Reliability Index. That placed them at #25 among active car manufacturers on the market. VW had a lower rating, and Mazda still outperforms them. The Volkswagen polo has a reliability index of 31, but the repair costs are incredibly high. 

The Volkswagen Golf has a higher repair cost and a very low reliability index. The Volkswagen Polo is a dependable vehicle, but it does not score well in reliability.


At the end of the day, the Mazda outranks the Volkswagen when it comes to cost and reliability. It is ultimately the most reliable vehicle in comparison to these brands.


Mazda Vs. Chevrolet:

Chevrolet received a score of 95 points from the Reliability Index. That placed them at #15, which is close to the #5 ranking held by Mazda. Chevrolet has been working to improve safety and performance features for their cars. However, the luxury cars from Mazda are already higher ranked, and that poses some competition. After all, Mazda seems to hold on well against its rivals.

Mazda Vs. Ford:

Ford has a respectable score of 77, which ranks them at #7 out of the available car manufacturers on the list. Mazda is ranked #5, so that is a much closer competition than all the other cars listed above. Ford has been in the business for decades in designing automotive parts. That has helped them keep pace with foreign competitors over the years.


Why is Mazda so Popular?


There are many factors that make Mazda one of the most reliable and trustworthy car brands. First, the manufacturer makes the machine with superior elements like easy-to-use back up cameras, wireless Bluetooth capabilities, and unique engines all at an affordable price. 


Mazda creates a balance between top-of-the-line design and reasonable prices. In addition, the brand is continually evolving and advancing. 


Mazda’s primary focus is to enhance performance, improve safety, continue to innovate powerful and sustainable engine function, maintain excellent interior/exterior design, and improve overall efficiency. From the smooth and rugged CX-5 SUV to the sporty MX-5, Mazda delivers on comfort, looks, and performance. 


With a Mazda, you are getting nothing but the best and most reliable vehicle on the market.

Bonus Reasons to Buy a Mazda


If you’re still on the fence about investing in a Mazda, consider some of these other benefits that they have to offer:

  • Eye-catching, durable exteriors

  • High-quality, luxurious interiors

  • Interior amenities (back-up camera, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, etc.)

  • Powerful, dependable and fuel-efficient engines


With all these additional perks, plus the higher-than-average reliability rating, you can’t go wrong if you choose to drive down the road in a new or used Mazda.


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Buy Yourself a Mazda Today



Now that you know more about Mazdas and how reliable these vehicles are, are you ready to purchase one for yourself? 


You can enjoy all of the benefits listed above if you choose to purchase a Mazda over another type of car. Start shopping today for the perfect Mazda to meet your needs! Check out our selection of new and used Mazda vehicles at Walker’s Renton Mazda.

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