Mazda with premium Bose sound system

Whether cruising low and slow along the boulevard, zipping down the highway or winding through countryside backroads with your sweetheart, no ride is complete without the perfect soundtrack—and no perfect soundtrack is complete without a premium set of speakers.

For decades now, music lovers thinking about the leader in audio systems have had one brand in mind: Bose.

If you're an audiophile looking for a car, Mazda is the make for you. Since 2013, Mazda has offered Bose speakers including Bose Centerpoint technology. In their 2016 CX-9, they perfected the Mazda Signature Sound.

Every Mazda model after that features a Bose stereo system.

Intriguing, right? Keep reading the Walker’s Renton Mazda guide on Mazda's collaboration with Bose Centerpoint.

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About the Collaboration

Everybody loves taking a drive while jamming to their tunes. What better way to celebrate your favorite artists than by listening to them in surround sound?

You know that feeling you get in the movie theater or in good seats at a live show? The sound envelops you and you feel almost like you're there in the movie, or up there on stage. You get an adrenaline rush—your heart's racing, you're full of energy—you can conquer the world!

With Bose Centerpoint technology in a Mazda vehicle, you can get that rush in your car.

...That is, you can get it without breaking any laws!

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Perfect for Any Price Range

One of the most frustrating parts about being a music lover is how much money limits your audio options. It's hard to walk into a dealership and see all the best audio systems, then realize that those speaker packages just aren't in your budget.

Mazda understands how you feel. With Bose Centerpoint audio available in every Mazda, you can finally have the audio quality you've always dreamt of. 

Find a Mazda vehicle with Bose Centerpoint by checking out our 2019 inventory at Walker’s Renton Mazda.

What is Bose Centerpoint? 

Bose system inside the Mazda car



How many times have you turned onto the highway and had to crank your music up as soon as you got up to speed? And then—as if that weren't enough of a pain—as soon as you take your exit and make it back to the streets, you're assaulted with a blast of sound.

Most music-loving drivers know the struggle. Thankfully, Mazda has the perfect solution. But don't worry if this isn't a familiar situation—There's something for you, too.

Your Audio, Enhanced

The Bose Centerpoint advantage is that it's designed to work with your music.

With just a couple of clicks on your Mazda's Bose stereo system, you can activate Centerpoint and boost your personal CDs, MP3s and preferred satellite radio stations to a quality you've never heard them in before.

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Built for Sensitive Listeners

Mazda and Bose know how annoying adjusting your car's audio system for those bumpy roads, high speeds or noisy conditions is. To solve the issue, Bose speakers in cars made by Mazda and their state-of-the-art soundproofing systems shut out outside noise.

Mazda went a step above the rest and actually tested their cars and Bose audio against these conditions, then adjusted them to perfection. It's more convenient than ever to listen at low volume—no worrying about waking up the kids!

Take a look at our showroom at Walker’s Renton Mazda for a vehicle with great surround sound.

Built to Blast

Mazda Bose stereo systems are made to party. With sound system packages offering speakers all over their vehicles, Mazda is prepared to pump up the jam!

Surrounded by sound from ten premium Bose speakers, your Mazda CX-5 transforms your ride into the club. And the best part?

With Centerpoint, you get to be the DJ. 

How to Use Bose Centerpoint



How often is it that state-of-the-art, premium quality, affordable technology is easy for the average person to use? Not often at all! 

Thankfully, when you drive a Mazda, it's beyond simple to project high-quality audio from whichever Bose car sound system package you choose. All it takes to activate Bose Centerpoint on your Mazda is connecting your media and tapping a few buttons on the navigation menu.

Mazda has made it safer than ever for you to have that impromptu dance party in your car, too.

Realistically, there are always going to be distractions on the road: Your friends joking around, your mom complaining about the way you drive, weird things on the side of the road and yes, even your beloved music.

Using your Bose Centerpoint on your car sound system shouldn't be dangerous. Mazda knows it, so they've created their innovative Active Driving Display. This new tech keeps you aware of important details, like the speed limit and road signs, so you can use it alongside your Bose speakers and safely boogie all night.

Tune in to Mazda Today

If you're reading this, you're probably looking to buy a car, or maybe you're looking to buy or upgrade your car's sound system. Now that you've learned about what Bose Centerpoint technology is, why not try it out for yourself?

Walker’s Renton Mazda is proud to provide drivers in the greater Seattle area with Mazda's quality vehicles and premium features. We offer a wide selection of Mazda models available for you to test drive.

Come in today and we'll match you with the perfect car!

Once you play your music on a Mazda Bose stereo system, you'll never look back. So, when you've decided which vehicle you want and are itching to take it home, call our sales department at 888-460-9164, or contact us online to get started.

We'd love to get you a great price on the best Bose audio systems Mazda has to offer, so contact us or come by and we can figure out how to best finance your dream car today! You won't regret it.

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