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Owning a Mazda means being part of the enriched heritage that’s inherent to the brand. With a Mazda, the promise of safety and dependability comes not only from the car’s design but pairing it with the right accessories. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right tires for your Mazda vehicle. At Walker's Renton Mazda, we provide premium service for your Mazda vehicles and offer a selection of certified parts. Here’s our guide to buying tires for a Mazda.



Types of Tires For Mazda Cars

All-Season Tires - Plain


All-season tires are traditional tires that are used on the majority of the Mazda vehicles. They are narrow,  comfortable, and can last for a long time. These versatile tires can be found on the more affordable Mazda models as well as on some of the older versions of current models.


All-Season Tires With Snowflakes and Mountain Symbol


Some tires used on Mazda cars have the symbol of a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF). This symbol guarantees users that the tires can withstand the snow and survive in all winter terrains and weather conditions. These tires are more durable than plain all-season tires.


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Ultra-High Performance Tires


These tires are best used for Mazda sedans and SUVs. The tires are created to create good traction on all types of roads. They are easily controlled and have a high degree of responsiveness. 

Performance All-Season Tires


These tires have a higher speed rating compared to other types of tires. This means that they perform very well for cars that are driven at high speeds, but not necessarily race cars. 


For example, if one has a long commute daily or has a long-distance traveling job like a salesperson, these are the tires to use on their Mazda because they enable the car to move faster when covering long distances.


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Winter tires


Winter tires are always the best option to go with during the winter season because they offer excellent grip, allowing the driver to stop abruptly, take tight corners, and drive without sliding and losing control. 


Their tread is explicitly designed to bite the snow and ice for stability and to stay pliable even during freezing temperatures. Using them on dry roads will wear them out faster, since they are not created for all weather. 

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Where to Buy Mazda Tires


It is highly recommended that Mazda owners go to their local certified dealer. The driver can buy tires from the Mazda tire center, which offers the correct tires for each model. The tire center also has factory-trained technicians who provide expert installation for the tires, ensuring the car is fitted with the right tires for the season and use. They also have road hazard coverage on eligible tires, meaning that the coverage will absorb the cost of replacing a client’s new damaged or destroyed tires at no charge.


Major tire brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Hankook, and others, can stock the type of tires that are used in Mazda vehicles. Using our Parts Request Form, you can submit the model and year of your car and we will match you with the right tires.


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What to Look for When Shopping for Mazda Tires


When a driver purchases a new Mazda, they are guaranteed that the vehicle will come with quality tires. But over time, they will begin to wear down and it will become necessary to replace them. It's vital to replace tires with a set that matches the driver's needs. That means checking the tire code, which contains information about the specifics of the tires. This information includes load and speed ratings, rim diameter, tread width, size, and construction type. 


The owner’s manual, which can be in the form of a placard attached to the driver’s side door, will have the recommended tire measurements that fit correctly with the model. Always make sure to match the tire size measurements to the recommended size. If you’re not sure, you can always check with our helpful sales professionals at Walker’s Renton Mazda


Treadwear Warranties

Mainstream tires from brands like Dunlop, Goodyear, and Bridgestone offer a treadwear warranty that will pay for part of the cost of new tires if the tread wears out during the warranty period. Look out for the fine print in these treadwear warranties because they might come with certain terms and conditions. 


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The Extras

Buying a new set of tires can come with additional costs, and some are necessary while others are not. Some of these extras include fees for disposal of the tires and, of course, installation fees. There are other costs like new tire stems, which must always be replaced when installing new tires on the vehicle and resetting the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). 


Some tire retailers will charge for filling new tires with nitrogen to make them last longer, while others will ask for an additional fee for a treadwear warranty or roadside assistance. All these are costs that drivers will have to carefully consider. It’s important to ask yourself whether these components will make a difference in your driving experience and whether it is worth it to pay for them or not. 


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A Matching Set

Never buy a mismatched set of tires because they perform very differently on the road depending on the type of tire. It may cost more, but the driver will benefit immensely from buying a full set of four, which will wear out evenly and work in tandem and unison. They also guarantee predictable handling and a high degree of safety. In addition to that, make sure to buy a spare or at least check on it to ensure that it matches the size and types. Ensure that the wheels are aligned evenly during installation to allow them to have proper wire tear.


Installing a new set of tires is not the end of your journey. You have to make an effort to maintain them by checking their pressure and inspecting them for damage or punctures. You will also have to rotate the tires after every oil change or even slight wear and tear. 


Walker's Renton Mazda understands how the quality of the tire can affect the function of the car. That is why our car experts can provide insight on the best type of tires for each Mazda make and model. Keep in mind that each tire is different, so it's essential to use matching sets to avoid accidents. 


With the right tire set and a quality Mazda vehicle, you are on your way to an exciting adventure. Let Walker's Renton Mazda help you find the right tires for your car.

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