Mazda Interior Lining Options

Mazda cars combine excellent car design and elegant material with attractive color options to create vehicles primed for enhanced driver experience. Mazda’s philosophy prioritizes the driver, making sure that the car’s performance allows the driver to stay in control. Part of the driver’s confidence stems from comfort, which is why Mazda offers these comfortable and luxurious options. Read more about them and check them out in person at Walker’s Renton Mazda.

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Mazda Interior Lining Options

Leather interior

Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring SUV

Mazda cars are known for using high-quality automotive upholstery leather. Take Mazda parchment leather. It’s high-quality, lasting through years of consistent use without showing signs of aging. It may need a bit more care to remain pristine compared to black leather, but it remains a favorite option in the Mazda CX-3 and CX-5 models. In the 2019 Mazda 3 AWD, the predominant interior lining material is red leather that runs through the cabin, on the doors and dashboard, and on the seats. Leather is a premium trim used on high-end Mazda car models.

Leatherette interior

Mazda3 Preferred Package Sedan

Leatherette is a synthetic substitute for leather that car manufacturers like Mazda have used to lower the cost of car manufacturing. Fake leather is waterproof, making it easier to clean, and it doesn’t fade with age. When it comes to leather versus leatherette, this is the affordable but nonetheless enjoyable option. For those buying a car with slightly upscale, but more affordable features, the Mazda3 is a great option.

Cloth interior

Mazda CX-5 Sport SUV

Cloth interiors are typically an excellent choice for buyers who want little to no bells and whistles. Mazda cars typically feature a textured cloth that is comfortable on hot days and can be heated on cold days. Cloth is a base model trim for some Mazda vehicles, like the 2014 Mazda CX-5 Sport SUV. It is ideal for comfort in any weather, more durable in the heat and the cold.

With Mazda cars, the trim gets more plush and luxurious as one upgrades.

What to Consider When Getting Interior Lining Options for Mazda

Ease of cleaning

Mazdas are great, durable family cars that can withstand consistent use daily. 

The buyer should consider what types of passengers will be in the car because with kids, there are bound to be accidents and spills onto the seats and on other parts of the cabin.  A family Mazda would be better suited with a leatherette interior that can take spills and be easily cleaned. Cloth can easily stain, and leather will quickly show signs of aging with hard use.

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Mazda designs are already marketable because of the range from practical to luxury, whether one is opting for a standard car or a high-end option. The interior of the vehicle should match the exterior. Leather seats take the vehicle from basic to premium in an instant. Without a doubt, leather provides the best visual aesthetic.

Leatherette can mimic the look of leather, although the feel of the material differs. Unlike leather, it isn’t soft and malleable, and on hot days it can get sticky. However, at first glance, it looks just like leather but without the somewhat steeper price.

Cloth is not a poor choice, contrary to what many may believe. Mazda uses excellent cloth materials that look fantastic. Unfortunately, fabric can be hard to clean, and it stains easily, making it a far more delicate material for a car interior. The most significant aesthetic advantage of using cloth is that it’s available in many colors, unlike leather and leatherette. It is also cheaper to replace than leather and leatherette, a feature that appeals to families with young children.


Cloth is the cheapest option that can be used in the interior of a car. The popular type of material is nylon, which is durable, quick-drying, and available in a myriad of colors. By using cheaper nylon that is quick to come, the overall cost of the car comes down a notch compared to when other more expensive materials are used. If there’s any area to sacrifice luxury, it’s the car seats. All Mazda vehicles excel in safety and boast elite performance, so Mazda cars with cloth seats are still as reliable as any other.

Leather is the most expensive because it’s the most luxurious of the lining options. The process of making leather seats and the resulting luxurious feel make it a high-end choice.

Leatherette is an affordable mid-range option, which makes it popular. Most people can’t afford leather seats but want the look of leather; hence the preference for faux leather.

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Cloth is quite durable since it’s woven; it’s harder to tear than the other options. Mazda remains true to such high-quality options.

Leather can last for long, but only with consistent and correct care. Oiling and polishing are required to allow the leather to age gracefully.

Leatherette is hardy as well and can last, but it’s susceptible to tears that can be unsightly and often irreparable. The material is too hard to take well to any repairs.


Leather integrates beautifully with other parts of the car’s cabin. Leather accents look great in the dashboard, door, gearbox as they do on the seats. Leather’s more malleable, and it ages nicely with time.

Leatherette is also used in some aspects of the cabin, but it doesn’t have the same level of integration with other elements in the car. Where the leather is soft and comforting to touch leatherette is hard and unyielding.

Cloth can only be used on armrests and a little bit on the doors of the car. The material is not suitable for use on the dashboard or gearbox area. Instead, Mazda incorporates soft plastic into cars that feature leatherette and cloth, especially on the dashboard area.


The cheaper the material used on a vehicle, the lower the cost of the car. Mazdas offer a range of vehicles featuring base, mid and premium trims. When a car has cloth interiors, it is cheaper compared to a car with leather seats. The best part is that buyers considering Mazdas have a wide array of interior lining options to choose from. Check out our new and used cars at Walker’s Renton Mazda and ask our car dealers about the best car interior lining options for you.

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