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How Many Miles Should a Used Car Have

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There are many factors to consider when buying a used car, such as its maintenance history, condition, and accident reports. One major factor drivers use to determine if a used car is right for them or not is mileage. So what is considered a "low-mileage used car"? This article discusses the ins and outs of car mileage, what constitutes a "low mileage used car," and what you should look for in the mileage of a used car you're trying to purchase.

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Should I Buy or Lease a Car?

Bringing a new car into your life is always a big decision. Whether you’re moving to a new city with not-so-reliable transportation facilities, starting a family, or just need one to commute to work, there are several reasons you might have to buy a new car. 

More and more people these days, however, are choosing to move away from the traditional option of buying a vehicle. With good reason, leasing is the latest trend…

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Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

2018 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring 

The process of buying a used car must be carefully thought out, since used cars come with the disadvantage of a history that's hard to uncover without asking the right questions. Knowing what questions to ask is an essential skill for purchasing a used car, as these questions will reveal details about the car's lifetime that let you know about its overall quality.

Some dealerships come with certifications and reports which outline clearly the history of the car and any issues to be aware of. Other times, especially if from a private seller…

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Can You Lease A Used Car?




Used car leasing began as a relatively niche option for those that couldn’t afford the payments required for brand new car leases. With time, certifications and quality assurance for leasing used cars has become more robust. 





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How to Set Up Apple CarPlay™ in Your New Mazda

So you've purchased a new Mazda or upgraded your existing Mazda and are looking for set up instructions to begin experiencing the amazing benifits of Apple CarPlay™. Look no further, as Walker's Renton Mazda has everything you need to setup Apple CarPlay™ in your Mazda. 

Available on select models, Apple CarPlay™ seamlessly integrates your iPhone® with your vehicle’s MAZDA CONNECT™ display, allowing you to access useful features and apps while staying focused…
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