Are you from Alaska, Hawaii or elsewhere in the U.S. but you happened to find that perfect Mazda here in Washington? Well you're in luck because we can help! But first, here is a quick FAQ to answer any questions you might have about buying out of state and getting your new purchase home.

Q: Do I pay sales tax for my home state or Washington?
A: We will not collect sales tax from you if you do not reside in WA State. You are subject to sales tax (and required State fees) when you license and title your vehicle in your home state.

Q: Should I expect any fees from Washington State?
A: WA State has an allowable documentation fee of $150 that is included in your final transaction. We can also issue a 3-day trip permit ($35) if you are picking up your car and driving it off the lot. You shouldn't have to pay any other fees but those legally required in your home state. Here are the fee guidelines for California, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.

Q: Do I have to register the vehicle in Washington first?
A: No

Q: What documents do I provide to prove I am a resident of another state?
A:: A government issued photo ID and one additional document that shows your actual physical address (i.e. utility bill, property tax bill, bank statement) dated within the last thirty days. Those documents along with a Buyer's Affidavit meet the requirements for the Department of Revenue (taxation) and Department of Licensing (registration.) Please click here to find out more.

Q: Is the Mazda warranty valid outside of Washington?
A: Absolutely! In fact, you can have warranty service performed on your new Mazda no matter where you are in the U.S.

Q: Once I select a vehicle, how do I pay for it?
A: Our Dealership offers many competitive financing options. You will work directly with your Sales Person to decide which financing terms work best, then you will be contacted directly by phone by one of our Financial Services Managers. Whether you sign documents that we send to you or you come to the dealership, we will handle all your financing needs. If you choose to pay cash, please use a cashier's check. We will release your ownership documents (MSO or title) once funds are received.

Q: Now that I've purchased the car, how do I get it home?
A: Here is a list of shippers that specialize auto transport. Please coordinate your plans with your Sales Person. Required documentation differs when you are shipping the car instead of taking possession and driving away from the Dealership yourself. If we are delivering the car to the port for you, (yes we do!!) we will coordinate your entire transaction by email, phone and overnight shipping for document signing. You will provide us details of your shipping arrangements and sign the necessary Department of Revenue Affidavits validating your shipment and residence in a State other than WA.

Q: What if I decide to drive it home myself?
A: If you decide to come to the Dealership to finalize your purchase and drive the car away you have a couple of additional considerations. We issue a three day trip permit to get you started. The WA State trip permit is good for travel on WA roadways. You should also understand the process for temporary registration in your own State in advance of picking up your vehicle. Each state differs, but most will provide you with a temporary registration that allows you to drive through other States and Canada. You will simply need to provide your Department of Licensing a copy of the Purchase Order and the MSO /or Title for your new vehicle.

Q: I'm in the Military. Do I have to register my car in WA State if I claim a different State as my home of record?
A: Yes, if the vehicle will remain in the State of WA for more than 45 days from your purchase date. If you due for reassignment within 45 days, we will simply need a copy of your orders. You can find more information about registration and taxes, here and here respectively.

Q: I'm from Canada. Can I purchase a vehicle from you?
A: You certainly can, but there are different rules. Please click here to find out more.