The Lifetime Brake Program is designed to offer you, the customer, with a value beyond what any of our competitors can match. Our Brake Replacement pricing is already very good and the fact that we used Genuine Mazda Parts over aftermarket adds to the benefit. You pay one time for the full price of a Premium Brake Service. Any time that brakes are needed after that, you only pay for the labor and miscellaneous related parts. The brake pads are free. The savings for this program are typically around $95.00 per axle.

Performed at:
  • every 5,000 


  • Drain & replace up to six quarts of engine oil.
  • Full Synthetic Oil.
  • Install Genuine Mazda oil filter & drain plug gasket.
  • Tire Rotation. - if needed
  • Perform any open factory recalls.
  • Mazda Full Circle Inspection and report.


Performed at:
  • 15,000
  • 45,000
  • 75,000
  • 105,000


  • Change oil up to six quarts. Full synthetic oil. 
  • New oil filter and drain plug gasket. 
  • Mazda full circle multi-point inspection and report. Battery service. 
  • Fill and test windshield washer system. 
  • Tire rotation. - if needed
  • Lube locks and hinges.
  • Replace front wiper blades. 
  • Perform any open factory recalls. 


Performed at:
  • 30,000
  • 60,000
  • 90,000
  • 120,000


    • Change oil and filter up to 6 quarts.
    • New oil filter and drain plug gasket. 
    • Full synthetic oil.
    • Mazda full circle inspection and report.
    • Tire rotation. - if needed 
    • Battery service.
    • Replace engine air filter. 
    • Replace cabin air filter. 
    • Replace front wiper blades. 
    • Fill and test windshield washer system.
    • Brake system flush service.
    • Lube locks and hinges. 
    • Check and perform any open factory recalls.
    • Road-test vehicle. 


    À La Carte Services

    (may be suggested based on inspection results)
    • Intake, Injector & Throttle Body Service $179.95
    • Power Steering Flush $149.95
    • Cooling System Flush $149.95
    • Complete Brake Fluid Flush $129.95
    • Premium Brake Service (per axle) $279.95 (most cars)
    • Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange $249.95
    • Cabin Air Filters $49.95

    *Some years & models cost additional. Synthetic oil may cost additional. Price does not include tax, hazardous waste fee or shop supplies. Some vehicles may require additional service or maintenance and suggested mileage intervals. Other charges may apply. Speak to a service advisor for more details.